Private Cash Funding is a commercial and residential finance company that provides a number of lending solutions around the United States. The company was created in 2012 and is based in Tustin, California.Our Group generates capital from a variety of sources, including institutional investors, banking partners, and high-net-worth individuals, to fund a wide range of real estate projects for both consumers and referral partners. Our lending strategy was created to provide loan financing options for a wide range of residential and commercial real estate asset classes. Our knowledgeable team can decipher the complexity of various loan requests and close deals quickly without risking loan performance for our investment partners. We will continue to grow by offering clients solutions that let them access financing that was previously unavailable on the market. Our objective is to increase our market share and position ourselves as a trustworthy partner and resource for anyone looking for finance for appealing investment properties that do not match institutional underwriting criteria.

Higher LTV’s

Are you ready to multiply the amount of Real Estate deals you do? We provide you with the highest leverage in the industry.

Lower Rates

With our Loans, you’ll get the best interest rate available on your deal. Rates are mainly affected by the quality of the collateral, your LTV and your track record.

Faster Closings

Don’t lose your next Real Estate deal to an all-cash buyer. Use Private Cash Funding to close in days, not weeks…